James LaPierre

New Robot Building Tools

James LaPierre
New Robot Building Tools

Hello RoboCo fans and followers!! Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work prototyping challenge environments and creating designer tools for adding challenge objectives to those environments. We'll have more updates on that once further along!

We've also implemented a slew of new quality of life features for the game’s building interface. Our goal is to make building robots in RoboCo as smooth and user-friendly as possible – here’s a few ways our new tools will help:


Robot assembly is easier than ever before thanks to the added control afforded by the rotate tool – a set of handles which allows players to (you guessed it!) rotate parts in different directions around the object’s center point. You may have seen similar tools in other 3-D programs. This tool joins keyboard shortcuts we already had for rotating on desktop but is more precise in outcome and more powerful.


Previously, adjusting the position of a part that was attached to a robot required the player to remove the part itself, then reattach it in the desired position. This could be finicky when the player just wanted to slide a part a couple units to the right, and was extra finicky when aligning a part on desktop, where depth perception is harder than in VR. But now – thanks to our brand new move tool – players can reposition parts along any axis, making building more seamless than previously possible.


We’ve also implemented box select – allowing users to drag their mouse over multiple separate parts and edit them as a group. This feature will be particularly useful for folks building complex robots – and as with all of the additions we’ve discussed today, box select works in VR mode, too!

We hope you enjoyed our overview of these new features. In the near future we’ll be showing off more of the game in an exclusive gameplay video, hosted by our team! But until then, check out the links below for more RoboCo:

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