Brandon Pittser

Play RoboCo @ PAX West 2019 [Booth #759]!

Brandon Pittser
Play RoboCo @ PAX West 2019 [Booth #759]!

Start your final countdown Robo-friends, PAX West 2019 is just a week away! Our bags are packed, our ✨custom tablecloth and T-shirts✨ have arrived, and our flights are booked. We’re ready and raring to bring RoboCo out into the world for the first time. If you’re going to PAX West, this is your chance to be a part of Robohistory - you could be among the first people ever to play our game! We tremble in awe at your historical significance. For those of you looking to claim your place in Robo lore, here’s everything you need to know about our booth:

2019 PAX West IMB-Exhibitor_Badge_black text_transparent.png

Indie Megabooth Booth Fact #1:

This is the most important thing! We’ll be in the IndieMegabooth area in Booth #759. Here it is again in extra huge text so you can’t miss it:

Find us in the 

Indie Megabooth at

 Booth #759

Indie Megabooth Booth Fact #2:

If you stop by our booth (which is #759), you can get yourself some bona fide RoboSwag! For anyone that completes a playthrough of our demo, we’re giving away a custom enamel pin to supplement the rest of your PAX pin haul! Here’s the design AND a real life picture of the pin:

robo pins.png

Indie Megabooth Booth Fact #3:

We’ll be showing off the desktop version AND the VR version of the game. For a refresher of how these two modes work, check out our sandbox preview video:

Indie Megabooth Booth Fact #4:

If you can’t make it to PAX West this year, don’t worry - you can still climb aboard the RoboCo hype train! We just launched our Steam page so you can wishlist us and get it on the collective anticipation.

Alright - that’s everything you need to know about our booth at PAX West Indie Megabooth 2019! Until then Robo-friends, we hope to see you there!!