Aluminum Update: Two More Mini-Challenges and a New RoboRepair Tutorial!

Aluminum Update: Two More Mini-Challenges and a New RoboRepair Tutorial!

Happy Friday, RoboEngineers!

RoboCo has been updated to Version 0.7.5, also known as the Aluminum update! If you’re curious why we called it that, check out our previous dev blog, An Update Regarding Updates!

We’ve got some new features and improvements to share!

New Mini-Challenges

As part of our effort to improve onboarding and smooth the difficulty curve for the campaign, we’ve added two new mini-challenges.

Roaring Refuse: Throw the cube of garbage into the incinerator

Using the notion of recurring skill atoms that we described in our last blog, Roaring Refuse preps the skill of launching an object, with fewer overall steps and a wider target than the later, more advanced “Soda Me!” challenge.

The Berry On Top: Place a strawberry on the cakes and submit them for inspection

The Berry On Top preps the skill of dispensing objects one by one, which even veteran players may find tricky! Mastering this will inspire you to make your seed-planting robot for the Chrome Thumb challenge even more sophisticated.

New RoboRepair

We’ve also added a new RoboRepair where the player starts with a pre-existing robot that has a small problem that needs fixing.

Wheel Assembly RoboRepair: Assemble and attach the robot’s wheel so it drives forward

Since new players will start building with developer-made constructs like a fully-functioning left and right wheel, we wanted a more explicit transitional moment where players would learn that such a construct is made out of smaller parts like a motor, rod, and tire. We added a new Wheel Assembly RoboRepair, and followed it immediately with our Motor Controls RoboRepair so that players who are inspired to start building from scratch will move on to the Controls UI next.

Bug Fixes

You can get a full list of everything in the Aluminum update by checking out the release notes on Steam.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working on the VR version of RoboCo, optimizing performance, bug fixing, and designing and implementing solutions for all remaining scenarios that need to be handled before the VR launch.

Our next update is code-named Iron and will be released between Jan 23 and Feb 23, as you can see on our roadmap.

And that’s it for this week’s devblog. We hope you enjoy tinkering with the new mini-challenges and the latest RoboRepair!

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