Check Out Our Robots – Dinosaur Edition

Check Out Our Robots – Dinosaur Edition

Greetings, RoboTologists!

Last week, we did a deep dive into all the available sensors for automating robots! This week, we’ve got another Check Out Our Robots post featuring some of Earth’s most fearsome and beloved creatures which also happen to have retired from existing….dinosaurs!

However, before we introduce our new dinomechs, we wanted to personally thank everyone who participated in our demo this month! Our team was so excited to get RoboCo back in the hands of players and we were genuinely floored by the creations you made, the kind words you offered, and the help you provided to each other. 

As we will continue to prepare RoboCo for its Q4 2022 launch, we will do our best to incorporate all the suggestions and constructive feedback we received as well as expand upon showcased concepts and mechanics. We’re committed to making the best sandbox robotics game we can and, thanks to YOUR efforts these last couple weeks, we are closer than ever to that goal! 

Tyrannosaurus Rex

via Gfycat

Fun Fact: While the signature “Tyrant Lizard” is known for its hilariously tiny arms, its arms weren’t all that tiny. Measuring about three feet in length, a T-Rex would’ve been able to bench press 400 pounds, which is about the size of a modern-day gorilla or lion! 


via Gfycat

Fun Fact: The signature horns and wide head of the triceratops made up a third of its body, making it one of the most prized fossils amongst museums and collectors. In fact, a wealthy dinosaur fan bought an entire triceratops skeleton at an auction for over one million dollars, which he later donated to the Boston Museum of Science. The skeleton is now affectionately named Triceratops Cliff!


Fun Fact: Brachiosaurus is, based on its completed skeleton, the largest dinosaur to have ever lived. Reaching heights of up to 41 feet tall, this behemoth of a dinosaur was capable of standing and balancing its monstrous 89 tons on its back legs, allowing it to reach the highest of branches for food. 


Fun Fact: Did you know that there’s no such thing as a pterodactyl? The term doesn’t have any meaning in the paleontologist community and is a term coined and made popular by Hollywood! Thus, the scientific name for this species is Pteranodon


Fun Fact: Did you know that some ancestors of the Ankylosaurus may have had armored eyelids? The thousands of bone plates on its back (which effectively made it bite-proof) and huge, club-like tail weren’t safe enough!

…And The Most Famous Dinosaur of All!

Fun Fact: Created by the Google Chrome UI/UX team in 2014, The Dinosaur Game has become the best (and only fun) part of losing your internet connection. Why did the developers decide to center it around a dinosaur? Well, they believed that being without the internet was the equivalent of going back to the prehistoric age 😂

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! What’s your favorite Dinobot? Let us know in the Official RoboCo Discord! Next week, we’re discussing the whats, whys, and hows behind RoboCo’s newest campaign element: RoboRepair Tutorials! 

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