Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Shoutout #1

Did You See It? – RoboCo Content Shoutout #1

Community is important. In fact, fostering a gaming community is arguably just as important as making a great game. One of the ways we foster that community here at RoboCo is by partnering with online creators, mostly YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. 

Did You See It? – YouTube Edition

Much like with last week’s post, we want to start highlighting videos and other media made by our content creator community. Whether you’re an established creator or a fan of RoboCo that’s only uploaded one video, we want to give your content it’s chance to shine brighter and what better way to do that than by showcasing your content here for readers to enjoy!

So, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out Scrapman’s video below!

Scrapman is an established YouTuber with over 500k followers. Since joining YouTube in 2016, he’s amassed over 250 million views across his channel, where he posts content 7 days a week. He primarily specializes in sandbox and building games, which is why he was so interested in RoboCo when we pitched it to him. We’re so glad to have him as a part of our community!

You can find more information about Scrapman and his channel here

Did You See It? – Tik Tok Edition 

If you didn’t know, RoboCo also has an official Tik Tok! We post every Tuesday and Thursday, oftentimes showcasing robots created by our community. Check out some of our most popular posts below!

Did You See It? – Twitter Edition

RoboCo also has a Twitter that we post to DAILY! While we do use it to post news, shout out our Discord, and thank our staff, we also post many creations created by players. Check out some of our most popular robots below!

And that’s it for this week’s DevBlog! Thanks for reading and if you want the chance to have YOUR content shared, make sure to post your creations to our official Discord and at us on social media!

For the latest news on RoboCo, follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Tik Tok! You can also connect with other community members and us by joining our official Discord and Reddit

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