We’re back with some more exciting RoboCo content! However, before we get to shouting out all these fantastic creators, we’d like to remind you that the playoffs for FIRST® Global RoboCo Challenge were released last week, so make sure to check out the YouTube video if you haven’t seen it yet!

Did You See It? – YouTube Edition

We’ve seen 37 teams from across the world deliver a sandwich in RoboCo, but what about a Youtuber? If you haven’t seen this video yet (and honestly it’s worth a second viewing if you have), check out this run by kan Gaming!

kan Gaming has been making videos for YouTube since January 2016! Over the last five years, he’s amassed over 1 million views on his channel and 381,000 subscribers. He mainly plays robotics games, building simulators, and some survival games. To learn more about him and see more of his content, check out his YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch!

Did You See It? – Twitch Edition

RoboCo is back in the hands of streamers! You may have missed it, but ShakeTheBox played RoboCo in a livestream on November 22nd! More importantly, he had access to the new builds that the team has been working on over the last few months! If you want to watch him play the latest version of RoboCo, check out his stream here! 


Since they started streaming in February 2017, ShakeTheBox has gained over 1,500 followers on Twitch. They focus on a combination of triple AAA titles and in-development games. They have streams every day, so make sure to pop by their Twitch channel to see their full schedule! 

Did You See It? – Tik Tok Edition 

RoboCo continues to post new content to its Tik Tok every week! Not to brag, but we think we make some of the funniest robotics memes on the platform😉 Check out some of our most popular videos below, and let us know what robots you’d like to see be turned into memes in the Discord!

Did You See It? – Twitter Edition

RoboCo has also been SUPER active on Twitter! We’ve been posting two tweets a day, sometimes even three, with The FIRST® Global RoboCo Challenge going on! That’s a lot of content and, more importantly, a lot of robots! Check out some of our most popular tweets below!

Did You See It? – Instagram Edition

RoboCo is also excited to announce its official Instagram account! Here, we post a combination of funny pictures and videos we’ve taken from the game past and present. We post five times a week, so if you’re looking for some more daily RoboCo in your life, make sure to follow us! Remember: a robot a day keeps the doctor away!

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Make sure to give some love to the content creators showcased above and if you want to see more content from RoboCo, make sure to follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok! Likewise, if you have any ideas for who you’d like to see play RoboCo, let us know in our Discord!

Next week, make sure to tune in for a special recap of The FIRST® Global RoboCo Challenge before we announce the winner on December 18, 2021! You won’t want to miss it!

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