Did You See It – RoboCo Content Showcase #3

Did You See It – RoboCo Content Showcase #3

Happy Friday, everyone!

Last week, Luke Jayapalan talked about our plans for a RoboCo Steam Workshop. This week, we’re showcasing some amazing RoboCo content from a variety of awesome creators!

Did You See It? – YouTube Edition

From messing around in the sandbox to playthroughs of classic RoboCo challenges, here are some of our favorite videos of the last couple months! 

Build a “Real” Car with Mechanical Suspension, Drive, and Steering Systems  by kAN Gaming

kan Gaming has been making videos on YouTube since January 2016! He mainly plays robotics games, building simulators, and some survival games. He’s also made several RoboCo videos and has been a part of our community since our earliest demo! To learn more about him and see more of his content, check out his YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch!

The Best Coffee Robot by Yeti

One of Yeti’s main objectives is to create early access content for upcoming indie games. His “beautiful” coffee robot resulted in a unique RoboCo Coffee playthrough we didn’t see coming. To learn more about Yeti, make sure to follow him on Twitter and subscribe to him on Twitch for the live experience!

Making a Blaster Shooter So I Can Torment Customers in RoboCo by Steve’s Maker Space

Steve’s Maker Space is a wholesome gaming-focused YouTube channel that includes everything from messing around with robots to programming. Steve’s blaster shooter creations is one of the most innovative robots we’ve ever seen (and the bane of our humans’ existence). To learn more about Steve, make sure to check out his YouTube, Twitter, and Discord!

Did You See It? – RoboCo Emoji Generator

Our first piece of RoboCo fan-art EVER, the RoboCo Emoji Generator was created by RoboCo alumni Durf after accessing our latest demo. Using assets from our derpy and delightful humans, this generator allows you to create your RoboCo emojis with almost any expression you can think of. Make sure to check it out here if you’re looking for some new emojis to add to your Discord server and also watch Durf’s video on the generator below! You can also follow Durf on Twitter, Twitch, and Discord!

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! What’s been your favorite piece of RoboCo content these last couple months? Make sure to let us know in the comments down below! Next week, we’re revealing some new cosmetics as well as re-sizeable motors!

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