Iron Update: ‘Byte of the Living Dead’ Full Challenge

Iron Update: ‘Byte of the Living Dead’ Full Challenge

Happy Friday, RoboEngineers!

RoboCo has been updated to Version 0.8.0, also known as the Iron update!

This update contains a new full-sized campaign challenge!

Byte of the Living Dead

The scientists and engineers at RoboCo design robots that are prepared for any eventuality! In Byte of the Living Dead, a mysterious condition has been spreading through a remote town, turning hapless humans into mindless minions. You must build a brave little robot to protect a group of humans from these zombie hordes and guide the survivors to the van out back. It’s a ghoulish getaway!

And yes, you read that right, this is a full-sized challenge, complete with three objectives and five secrets! This challenge is designed for human interaction so get your favorite Chatterbox voice pack ready!

As you can see from our public roadmap, our next steps are heavily focused on the Meta Quest VR version of RoboCo that we’ve been steadily working on in the background of our Early Access updates. Expect more information on that front soon!

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Available now for purchase on Steam Early Access!