Mason Wins the 2022 RoboCo Build-Off!

Mason Wins the 2022 RoboCo Build-Off!

Hello, RoboEngineers!

First off, Happy New Year! We here at RoboCo HQ hope you had as wonderful a holiday season as we did. 

Secondly, we have a 2022 RoboCo Build-Off Winner to announce, and it may be one of the most impressive robots we’ve ever seen. 

To recap, we tasked our Discord community with creating what they thought to be the best example of “RoboArt”. These robots could be recreations of beautiful things (like mythical creatures or fancy objects), art pieces made out of robot parts, or (if players wanted to get really meta) maybe even a robot painting something. Some players like Discord user Kherven decided to go meta with the prompt and build a game within a game because (and many people on our art team would likely agree) aren’t video games themselves a form of art?

Others, like our winner Mason, took it in a completely different direction. For his submission, Mason created a 3D printer, his favorite robot in both the real and virtual world. They say 3D printers are great because not only can create anything you want with one, but you can also print your very own Golden Sandwich Award!

If you are interested in going meta or printing your very own RoboCo models, make sure to check out both Mason and Kherven’s creations in the Steam Workshop. And again, congratulations to Mason on winning the 2022 RoboCo Build-Off!

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Keep a lookout for our recap of the first round of The 2023 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge, which kicked off last week!

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