OTK Games Expo Recap & Our Plans for Steam Next Fest!

OTK Games Expo Recap & Our Plans for Steam Next Fest!

Last week, we featured a long, parchment scroll-esque list of RoboCo announcements (including our Q4 2022 release date for Steam Early Access). Today, we’re talking about our biggest event of the year so far and our plans for the upcoming Steam Next Fest!

All Hail OTK! – RoboCo Collabed with Twitch’s Biggest Names in The First-Ever OTK Games Expo

If you’re a regular Twitch viewer, you’ve probably heard of Asmongold. Originally a WoW superstar who now plays every fantasy game under the sun, Asmongold and his team (dubbed OTK) streamed their first-ever game expo this week, and we were a part of it! With over 126k concurrent viewers on Asmongold’s channel alone (and thousands more on other channels!), the show was our biggest event of the year so far. We couldn’t be more grateful to the titans overs at OTK for allowing us to share in this historic moment! 😎

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the show live on June 8th, we HIGHLY recommend checking out the VOD below!


However, if you did watch the stream, you may have seen something we’ve been keeping secret for a while…a brand new TRAILER! That’s right, prior to the event on Wednesday, our team was hard at work putting together an exclusive trailer for OTK, and, to be honest with you, it may be the coolest piece of RoboCo content we’ve ever created! 🍿

Play Our Demo Ahead of Steam Next Fest! 

However, OTK wasn’t the only big event coming up for RoboCo! Thanks to our collaboration with FIRST Global at the UN Global Youth Summit last week, there’s a demo of RoboCo available RIGHT NOW for all players to enjoy! It includes three campaign levels (Sandwich Server, Wood and Chips, and Across the Goo) as well as our laboratory sandbox and the new RoboRepair Tutorials! Head to our Steam Page to download your copy today and share your creations with us in our Official RoboCo Discord; we’re so excited to see what you’ll create! 🤖

RoboCo’s Plan for Live Streams During Steam Next Fest!

Steam Next doesn’t just include a demo though! It will also feature TWO RoboCo livestreams, one of which is happening at 10 AM on Wednesday, June 15th and the other at 10 AM on Saturday, June 18th. Our Wednesday guests will include Lead Game Designer and fellow devblog writer Luke Jayapalan along with a host of other RoboDevelopers! Meanwhile, our Saturday event will feature our two community managers, VP of Marketing Brandon Pittser and myself! If you’ve been itching to ask our developers some burning RoboQuestions, or if you just want to watch our staff fool around and make some crazy robots, make sure to stop by and say hello! You can also watch our previous live streams at the YouTube link here

And that’s it! Did you love the OTK Games Expo? Have you been enjoying the demo? Are you excited for Steam Next? Let us know in our Discord! Also, don’t forget to check out the OTK Twitch VOD, new trailer, and upcoming live streams! Next week, we’re diving deeper into the sensors used to create automated robots!

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