RoboCo is Launching on November 3rd, 2022!

RoboCo is Launching on November 3rd, 2022!

Happy Friday, RoboEngineers!

Normally, I’d recap last week’s devblog and come up with a clever lead-in for what today’s topic is about, but this week, I’m skipping all that and getting straight to the point!

We’ve Officially Picked a Date

🎉 RoboCo is coming to Steam Early Access on November 3rd, 2022! 🎉

As RoboCo’s VP of Marketing and Funding Development, Brandon Pittser, so perfectly put it in our Q4 2022 announcement, our robodreams have turned into roborealities! We’ve been throwing out little hints within our devblog, social posts, and Discord that we were getting close to announcing a final release date, and that day has finally come. 

Keep in mind, this launch date only pertains to the PC version of RoboCo. Both the Roblox version of RoboCo (dubbed RoboCo Sports League) and the VR version for PC / The Meta Quest 2 won’t launch until 2023. To learn more about our plans for those platforms, check out our initial release date devblog here.

And that’s it for today’s devblog! We’ve kept it on the short side, but we still have A LOT of material to cover prior to launch. This includes development updates like adding collision sounds and improved wheel visuals as well as the announcement of launch features and some exclusive events coming to our Discord. Check out our devblog every week to make sure you stay up to date and don’t forget to tell your friends, family, robot underlings, and more to wishlist RoboCo today! 🎉🤖🎉

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