RoboCo is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

RoboCo is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Hello, RoboEngineers!

It’s November 3rd, 2022 so you know what that means:

We’ve even linked to our Steam Page below to make it easy for you to find us 😉

If you have questions, are looking to provide feedback, or want to just hang out with a bunch of cool people, make sure to check out our Subreddit, Steam Forum, and our Discord. In the Discord especially, you’ll have a direct line to our development team for asking questions and providing feedback as well as the ability to participate in The Platinum Cupour launch race where players compete in 6 races / competitions to earn exclusive titles and collector’s pins

November 3rd also marks the release of RoboCo’s Steam Workshop, which is where players can go to upload, download, and share robots from other community members. Our development team has already submitted some cool creations, but what we’re really interested in is seeing what robots the community can come up with. To learn more about how to directly upload your robots from RoboCo to the Steam Workshop, click here

And that’s it! Have fun playing RoboCo, good luck to those competing in The Platinum Cup, and we’ll talk to y’all soon about more exciting RoboNews!

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Available now for purchase on Steam Early Access!