The 2023 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge Playoffs Recap

The 2023 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge Playoffs Recap

Happy Monday, RoboPeople!

Last time, we recapped the results of The FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge Qualifiers. This week, we’re recapping the second round which premiered on RoboCo’s Twitch and YouTube channels last weekend. 

In the Qualifiers, 44 teams from around the world competed to see who could build the best vacuum duster. Of those 44, only 24 moved on to the Playoffs. Some countries that progressed included last year’s winner Team Algeria, Team Hope, Team Republic of Korea, Team North Macedonia, and Team Venezuela.

Those 24 teams competed to see who could build the best RoboGardener in Chrome Thumb, showcased below, where the main objective is to plant and grow vegetables.

Not only did these teams need to complete the main and sub-objectives to earn points, but they also needed to solve secrets like finding a secret elevator and returning a stolen kite. This led to incredible runs and creations like the one below from Team Syria. 

To see the full results of the FGRC23 playoffs, watch the YouTube video below. We also encourage you to join us on March 4th, 2023 at 8 AM CST to watch the Finals with us live on YouTube and Twitch, where the top eight teams from this round will compete to be The 2023 Season Champion!

If you are interested in participating in other international competitions like this one, check out our collaborator for this event, FIRST Global, who is on a mission to change the world by inspiring nearly two billion kids to take an interest in STEM. 

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Make sure to check out our website,, to learn more about The 2023 FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge, and, to everyone competing in the finals, good luck!

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