The Results for the Platinum Cup are In!

The Results for the Platinum Cup are In!

Happy Friday, RoboEngineers!

We unveiled our new wiki and API documentation last time we talked. This time, we’re announcing (or re-announcing if you’re a member of our Discord) our winners of The Platinum Cup!

Winners of The Platinum Cup!

The Platinum Cup was a series of races in which members of the Official RoboCo Discord competed to celebrate RoboCo’s Launch on Steam Early Access. There were 6 different titles up for grabs, each with its own qualifications, including the first to complete the game and the first to solve a challenge with Python. Winners were given not only an exclusive Discord Title but will also be sent an exclusive enamel pin, which we haven’t given out since our appearance at PAX. 

Without further ado, here are the winners of The Platinum Cup!

Yarrgo Wins The Speedster Title! 

Yarrgo was the first person to complete and verify with screenshots that they had completed RoboCo’s campaign! When we asked how long it took them to reach the end, they stated it took them about 14 and a half hours. 30 minutes were spent doing the challenges themselves, while the rest of the time was spent designing the robots they needed to complete and earning enough objectives to keep progressing. Overall, they’ve earned their place in the Speed Force alongside other famous speedsters like Barry Allen and Wally West. 

ChekySNek Wins The Inspector Gadget Title!

When ChekySNek submitted their screenshots for verification, they got to pick from one of two titles (as both were unclaimed at the time). The title they chose was Inspector Gadget, which is awarded to the first person to solve all of RoboCo’s secrets. They said it took them about 13 hours to find them all, and we hope they enjoy sitting alongside Sherlock Holmes as one of the world’s smartest detectives!

swemoney Wins The Hacker Title!

swemoney was not just the first person to solve a challenge with coding, he was also the first person to achieve a Platinum Cup race objective! He solved Sandwich Server with just the press of a button AND got all three objectives – truly marvelous. Make sure to check out his Twitch channel to learn more about him as well as watch him stream RoboCo –

bunglist Wins The Completionist Title!

Our last title to be awarded, and arguably the hardest one to earn, was The Completionist Title. In order to earn six bits (the maximum you can achieve from completing a level), a player has to earn 8000 points. To do this, they need to make sure they build a robot that can not only complete the challenge but one that can do it quickly and cost-effectively to maximize their score. It required a lot of robot sweat and engineering prowess, but bunglist rose to the challenge and surpassed it with flying colors, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Bufflehead Wins The Jokester Title!

Unlike the previous titles, the races for The Jokester and The Engineer titles were clips for which players had hard deadlines. They were also the only two titles we submitted for judging, which means that our dev team had to decide who came away with the title. That decision wasn’t easy, and we went back and forth on it, but we eventually gave Bufflehead the honor with his robot “Fragile Kyle” (shown above). 

Because it was so hard to choose a winner, we wanted to give a special shoutout to Jules’ Jokebot (shown below), which took the challenge literally by programming a robot to tell jokes. We can’t wait to see more cool creations from you!

RedPug Wins The Engineer Title!

Much like The Jokester Title, The Engineer Title also had a lot of back and forth involved with who should win. Eventually, our team decided on RedPug’s “Complex Car” (shown above), whose unique system of gears and power-steering reminded us of kan_Gaming’s handiwork. 

However, much like with Jules, we wanted to give a special shout-out to the runner-up for The Engineer Title, smjjames. We fully expect your Fiddler Crab (shown below) to be leading the orchestra for the next crab rave on a future rooftop!

And that’s it for today’s devblog! The Platinum Cup is the first of what we hope to be many Discord-only competitions, so make sure to join us if you’re interested in participating in future events! We’ll be back soon to talk about more updates!

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RoboCo is available now for purchase on Steam Early Access!