We Have a New Wiki and API Documentation!

We Have a New Wiki and API Documentation!

Hello, everyone!

First off, we hope you’ve been having fun playing RoboCo! Secondly, we wanted to take a moment after launch to showcase and remind players of some things!

We have a New Wiki!

If you’re a member of the RoboCo Discord, this likely isn’t a surprise to you. However, if you aren’t, we’re happy to announce that we’ve not only migrated our wiki from Fandom to MediaWiki, but we also added a TON of new information that will be useful for people just getting into RoboCo. 

Some key pages that may be useful to players include the Coding Page, which is a starting guide for how to get started with Python programming in RoboCo, the Controls Page, which contains instructions for how to set up custom controls schemes, and the Campaign Page, which players can find “Possible Solutions” videos if they’re stuck or don’t know how to complete a specific RoboCo challenge. 

We also encourage players to, if they see missing information, please add to it! We want this to be a community resource so don’t hesitate to make your mark on it.

New API Documentation

In addition to our new Wiki, we also have new API documentation available to RoboProgrammers. This information is also accessible by hitting the “API” Button within the Microcontroller interface. 

Welcome to the RoboCo API! — RoboCo .1 documentation

Platinum Cup Reminder

Finally, we wanted to remind you that The Platinum Cup, our series of launch races/competitions, still has ONE title up for grabs – The Completionist (a.k.a the first person to obtain all of RoboCo’s 78 bits).

The winner not only gets the exclusive Completionist Discord Title, but also a cool collector’s pin that hasn’t been seen since our time at PAX. They will also, along with the other winners, be featured in an upcoming devblog!

Remember: Only those that are members of the Official RoboCo Discord are able to compete so, if you’re interested in this title, make sure to join us there.

And that’s it for this week’s devblog! Now that we’ve launched, communications will be focused on Discord and our social media platforms. Join us there and keep an eye on this blog for major announcements!

For the latest news on RoboCo, follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! You can also connect with other community members and us by joining our official Discord and Reddit

RoboCo is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access!